Avira Professional Security

Avira Professional Security 2013

Professional antivirus protection against online threats

Avira Professional Security is a fully-loaded antivirus program that detects and destroys threats to your PC. View full description


  • Very efficient
  • Protection against antispyware and antirootkit
  • Low system requirements
  • Different settings


  • Few differences between it and the Premium version

Very good

Avira Professional Security is a fully-loaded antivirus program that detects and destroys threats to your PC.

An unprotected PC is exposed to attacks on the internet by countless malicious threats. Avira Professional Security protects computer used for business purposes from network threats specifically. The software not only provides security against viruses, worms, Trojans and rootkits, but Avira Professional Security also monitors the system with in-depth analyses and the real-time guard AntiVir ProActive,for hazardous processes in the background. Avira Professional Security also reports malware it detects and places affected files into a secure quarantine area. Fortunately, some malware-corrupted files can be rescued through the program's repair function.

Avira Professional Security's interface is easy to use and similar in style to another great antivirus program, Avast. Avira Professional Security offers two views. The main view and options can be changed from their default settings, and you can use the Expert View to find professionals and tweak additional configuration options. For different purposes and different users, separate profiles can also be set up.

As opposed to the free version of Avira AntiVir, Avira Professional Security is configurable over your business network and searches for suspicious emails with MailGuard email scanner for POP3, IMAP and SMTP ports. While a little complicated, most tools that involve networks are. The professional version of this antivirus protection application has a pretty straight-forward layout, however, and becomes easier to use with time.

Although not a total replacement for a full-out firewall, Avira Professional Security is a stand-out network protection tool nevertheless.

Avira Professional Security


Avira Professional Security 2013

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